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Klassic Soccer's training is about improving the technical skills and abilities of players.  The most important development prior to puberty, are the skills with the ball - dribbling, turning, receiving, stopping, passing and shooting.  These are the grammar of the game, the tools players use to make the ball do what they want and also when they want.

To that end, we create games and activities that foster this development of technical skills, physical, psychological and social attributes in a fun environment. 

Our Goals:

  • To create a challenging, nurtuting and fun environment.
  • To bring passion, pride and energy to the game
  • To provide enthusiatic age and skill appropriate guidance that leads to improvement and enhanced self confidence
  • To achieve the best performance by cultivating an individual's innate talents and strengths
  • To encourage cooperation, fair play and team spirit

We look forward to improving your child's skills and sharing the joy of the game.